What are the most popular sex toys and why are they popular?

What sex toys are the most popular? Why do people buy Best sex toys? You need to understand what is interesting to your partner and choose accordingly. These are sex devices that can make the life of any person much brighter and more interesting. And they can be used in pairs to return the passion to relationships and take a fresh look at intimacy. Yes, these butt plugs help improve relationships and make them work.

10 products for intimate proximity can be used by everyone! These are useful things for discovering sexuality, for making diversity in intimacy and a great opportunity to experience something new.

1.  Butt plug: In the area of the anus a lot of nerve endings.

This is a very gentle erogenous zone. Her stimulation is interesting for both men and women. You can stimulate the area around the anus, the entrance itself and the inner walls of the intestine at a small depth. This can be done with anal plug. The introduction will enhance the excitement, and feeling it inside will give a feeling of fullness. If you make love when the anal sleeve is inside, the emotions will be completely different. A woman, thanks to such a sex toy, narrow the vagina. When using a stimulator, a man will feel every friction in a new way. For beginners, there are erotic anal plugs of small diameter; their introduction is absolutely painless and safe. These are the butt plugs common in online dating.

2. Massager

Modern massage devices are the best sex toy to relax. You can touch them to different parts of the body. It is pleasant to work on the abdomen, thighs, breasts and genitals. Massagers are rarely immersed in the body; they are created specifically for external stimulation. The most convenient models work from a network or the accumulator. Battery versions require constantly new chargers. Ideal use of the massager is possible during foreplay. But to touch the clitoris or perineum is possible at the time of intercourse. So it will accelerate the achievement of orgasm. This is a universal sex toy, which is relevant in bed, but also helps to restore muscle after a sports load.

3. Eye patch

Limiting vision can cause very strong arousal. Limiting any feelings helps to focus on other impulses. For example, touches seem more intense and enjoyable. Special eye masks are excellent sex products, as they do not interfere, do not constrain movements, but at the same time give new experiences. You can experiment, alternately closing the mask eyes. Sex is interesting if both partners see nothing. You can also combine vision restriction with bondage.

4. Vibrator for a couple

Special sex toys that can complement regular sex are commonly called vibrators for a healthy couple. Most models are flexible body, which is placed in the crotch of a woman. One end is inserted into the vagina, the second concerns the clitoris. The device does not interfere with vaginal penetration at all. And when it vibrates, gently massages point G and the lady’s clitoris, as well as the head of a man. Switching speeds, it will turn out to increase excitement and synchronize orgasms. Control of such a toy can be on the device itself, on the remote control, or even from a smartphone. A female couple vibrator can be used as a device for wearing.

5. Erection ring

This is the best sex subject to slow ejaculation. It is necessary to prevent the outflow of blood from the penis, thereby not allow finishing quickly. Erection ring can be in the form of a lasso, buttoned loop, flexible wrap. Some models are equipped with vibration, which helps to enhance the experience. A ring with vibration is worn in two ways: a moving appendix can touch a woman’s clitoris, speeding it up, or a man’s scrotum, making his feelings brighter. Ring – is the easiest and most effective way to control the duration of sexual intercourse.

6. Masturbator

A man can get sexual discharge using a masturbator. This is an analogue of female organs, made of pleasant materials. You can use the device alone when there is no woman nearby. But the experiment in a pair is also appropriate. One has only to blind the man and use the device, such stimulation will be pleasant to him. Depending on the form of the masturbator, it can be used to end sexual intercourse. This is especially true if the man can not finish quickly, and the partner gets tired of the long processes. And sometimes the masturbator can be useful as a substitute for sex, if the lady is not in the mood for other affection.

7. Lubricant

High-quality lubricant makes any proximity more convenient. The slide is smoother, the sensations are more pronounced. And if you buy a lubricant warming or exciting, emotions will multiply. There are lubricants that increase the penis, narrowing the vagina, with aromas, flavors and even painkillers. By adding a little bit of skin care before sex, you can experience something new every time. Yes and other sex toys used with lubricant is much more convenient.

8. Massage oil with aphrodisiacs

Exciting odor enhances libido. But if you add it to the massage oil, the prelude will be at times more interesting. Relaxing strokes can go into active movements that end in violent orgasms. Erotic massage is one of the best scenarios for the beginning of sexual intercourse, and they should not be neglected. And the correct composition will still nourish the skin, make it soft and smooth. Gels, creams, oils and candles for massage will help to realize the fantasies, because then they will become an excellent lubricant, which is important for continuing.

9. Handcuffs

Linking a partner is an exciting game. It can be chained to the bed or just lock your hands. Limiting mobility will allow a little play with him. Apply the device for bondage can be in the framework of role-playing games or BDSM-session. It is believed that binding is one of the most popular erotic fantasies in the world. And to embody it is not difficult at all. But you just need to remember that ordinary handcuffs can leave marks, but a soft version or wide leather bracers are much more comfortable and safer.

10. Sex toy with remote control

To diversify sex even more, buy a sex toy that can be turned on at a distance. There are vibroyayts, vibrators, ideal butt plugs with vibration and even vibro-panties. These sex toys are introduced into the body or touch the most sensitive areas. In this case, clothes are worn on top; they are completely invisible under them. And you can turn on such a device at any time. And it is recommended to entrust the management to a partner who is nearby. This is a great way to get a sexual discharge even in a crowded place or to get aroused well before continuing.

Buy the best sex toys worth any pair. This is an opportunity to make the time spent together more fun. It is in this kind of communication that it turns out to find out everything about the desires of a partner, and then it will be interesting to bring all this to life. Visit for more products to choose from.


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