Red Jasper Yoni Eggs vs Rose Quarts Yoni Eggs

In the tradition, the secrets were only passed on from woman to woman and the ladies used only high quality materials for their thighs. The younger women were able to draw on the experience of teaching an orphan woman, but always had a good contact person on the topic “love life”.

Notice to all those who want to choose a yoni egg rather than Geisha balls, so you will have the opportunity to find a natural solution to have a toned perineum. With toned perinea you will have a personal life, an intimate life but also to be much more comfortable.

Focus on yoni eggs

With a yoni egg, you can therefore practice Kegel exercises, rather than Geisha balls. A yoni egg is an egg made of natural stone (jade, quartz or obsidian). There are several different egg sizes: large, medium or small.

With a large egg, it is rather the women mothers who are concerned. The intermediate egg is for people who have never had children. As for the little one, it is essential to choose this format when you have an active sex life and so, in the end, you have an already toned perineum.

You should not hesitate to consult a specialist to know about the benefits of red jasper yoni egg. They offer you the opportunity to discover how to use a yoni egg.

Do you know yoni egg?

If only a few years ago yoni eggs were reserved for women who had just given birth to strengthen their perineum, today, this small egg often jade has become in spite of himself an intimate toy. Indeed, if he did not completely lose his first utility, he has another function, that of giving pleasure.

What is a yoni egg for?

The yoni egg is not only reserved for women who have just given birth and who want to tone their perineum, today this little object in the form of eggs is not really jade as before and it is even become an intimate toy. You find the egg of yoni on the net, in the sex shops but also some pharmacy a little advanced.

Being a woman is not always easy. You have periods of total harmony with your body which often coincides with the first glances madly in love with your companion, others where you flee your reflection in the mirror. We know that life is not linear and that we live, as a woman but also as a man, periods more or less easy both from a sexual and personal point of view.

A yoni egg: how to use it?

The yoni egg is a nephrite jade egg, quartz or obsidian that will allow you to strengthen your perineum.

Who says muscular perineum, also says goodbye to urinary leakage! Not bad is not it? Because moms know it can be a real problem. Then, with a toned perineum, you will reach orgasm more easily by better controlling the sex of your partner during penetration.

Depending on the yoni egg pattern you choose, the effects will not be the same. Matter affects the effects of the egg, and there are different models, all specialized in one problem. To heal slowly and minimize kidney problems as well as improve bladder function, jade eggs are perfect.

Their effects are not heavy and will not have unpleasant consequences. Joint problems could also fly with yoni eggs in jade. Quartz eggs, on the other hand, facilitate emotional stability and are supposed to provide you with comfort and love. The eggs in obsidian allow their side to relieve stomach pains.

Personal and intimate affinities

The choice of yoni egg is actually a matter of affinity and how you feel with your body after your pregnancy. You’ve heard about Yoni’s famous egg, but you do not know exactly what it is or what it’s used for. So, you wonder what this Yoni egg can offer to the woman and how to use it , you are in the right place because with this article you will know everything about the egg of Yoni and its modes of use .

The modes of introduction of the jade egg

Do you have sexual problems? Have you lost your sexual urges? After several deliveries, your perineum has lost its rigidity? Do you want to revive your sexual desire? You want to give you pleasure. Opt for a Jade egg, the methods to introduce this egg are so simple:

  • First, lie down in bed and make sure you are not stressed.
  • Make strokes in the places where you feel the most pleasure.
  • Once you have a sexual urge, introduce your egg into your vagina.

You need to clarify that inserting a stone is not an innocuous act. The impact is more important internally than when wearing a stone pendant!


Jade, the most appropriate stone

The energy of the Jade Egg is sweet and powerful at the same time. Jade is very interesting for working on old memories, anger, fears and everything that is stored as emotions in the belly. It’s not for nothing that Jade Egg has been used for 5,000 years by Asians. In Asia, mainly Jade or wood was used. Ancestral wisdoms are not to be taken lightly! Jade eggs are available at

Pink quartz, the sweetest stone

Then, find that for some cases; even the Jade can be too strong. For example, for women who have experienced violence or sexual assault? The big traumatisms can be violent to treat and to clean energetically and this same with the Jade.

In this case, experts strongly recommend Rose Quartz which is a very soft stone. She will clean the blockages gently and with a lot of love. She will work more on self-confidence and love. Find Rose Quartz Eggs on my shop. After working with the Jade, some stones seem to me as interesting to use.


Amethyst is great because it works on sacred sexuality. It helps to connect one’s sexual energy with one’s own spirituality. To get there, first clean up its energies with Jade before using Amethyst. It allows you to go further in your own connection and evolution. Find Amethyst Eggs on my shop.

Rock crystal

Rock Crystal is also an interesting stone. It helps to complete and reinforce the energy that has already been done. It can be used in transition between two stones.

Pink opal

Opal Rose is a stone that discovered recently and that I really appreciate. It’s a mix between Jade and Rose Quartz.

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