How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sex Room

Without equivocation, the master bedroom is the most important room in your residence. It is the personal and secret place where you and your spouse can take off the blues after a long day, imagine, dream, communicate and listen, caress and engage in some of the most sensual acts that defy imagination.

However, for many married couples, their sanctuary is neglected over time, and it becomes more like an untidy living room with clothes, old socks, briefcases, stained carpet, laptops and dusty books and magazine. As the hue of leaves begin to change into the beautiful autumn colors, wouldn’t it be nice to transform your bedroom into a sex room that continually sizzles with warmth and passion during this wonderful fall season. Here are six ways that you and your spouse can implement this transformation:

Remove all clutter. It is highly recommended that you remove your television, computers, clothes, trash, exercise equipment and clutter from your bedroom, including under your bed. If you have to keep your television, it is essential to hide it in an armoire so that there are no distractions. Your bedroom should be a private oasis of peace and tranquility and a neat haven of indescribable eroticism.

Choose the passion colors. Add passion colors such as soft red, burgundy and/or pink to your room, if you haven’t already. Studies have shown over the years that soft hues of these colors help to invoke passion.

Play “sex music” at low volume. Relaxing and intimate music helps to soothe the soul and to assist in de-stressing. Keep a compact stereo near your marriage bed so that you and your spouse can enjoy smooth jazz, classical or your own compilation of “sex music.”

Go with natural bedding. Polyester and synthetics covers are good, but high-thread count cotton, silk or bamboo sheets and bedding are great. There is no comparison. You and yours will continually have the feel of a high-end, luxury hotel suite that is equipped for awesome lovemaking.

Keep visual flames near. Whether it’s candles, a burning oil lamp or logs on a fireplace, you and yours can stir the passion on the inside with actual flames.

Use a little aromatherapy. Another way to transform your bedroom into a Hot, love magnet is to add sensual aromas. This can be accomplished by using a diffuser with essential oils such as ylang ylang or by burning essential oil soy candles such as Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Candle.

To be more sensual, check these erotic scents from Thought Catalog.

Keep your vase filled with fresh flowers. You and your spouse cannot go wrong with flowers. This fall, fill your vase with a fall bouquet of roses, winter jasmine, aster and Bird of Paradise.

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