How Many People Have Latex Fetish?

The fetishism of the garments is materialized in certain materials, rather than in the type of garment. That makes subtypes appear, for example, in materials such as leather, rubber, leather, latex and PVC.


Leather fetishism is the name it normally uses to describe sexual attraction to people dressed in leather, or to the garments themselves. The smell and sound of leather is often an erotic stimulus for people with leather fetishism. Leather uniforms can also become a fetish. The leather is sometimes finished with a shiny surface and manufactured in bright colors, serving as a sexual stimulation for leather fetishists. What to know more about What is a latex fetish? Here are the options for you.

The feeling of wearing tight leather garments can be experienced as a form of bondage. The bondage equipment (usually) is made of leather straps.

The term “leather culture” was applied in the 60s in the gay-sadomasochistic community as an umbrella term for all alternative sexual practices.

Pony fetish incorporates the use of riding accessories, adapted for humans.

Latex / PVC

The latex fetishism is the attraction to latex clothes or garments and is sometimes called “rubber fetishism”, because latex is a type of rubber. The fetishists of latex or rubber can refer to themselves as “rubberiest”. An example is Mr. Blowup. He wears latex suits inflated with air. There is a variety of latex fetishism that consists of the attraction to transparent rubber. Latex clothes are available at

PVC fetishism is very closely related to latex fetishism and consists in the sexual attraction to bright plastic garments made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC, polyvinyl chloride), polyurethane or other similar materials manufactured by man. PVC can be confused with patent leather.

The fetishism of latex includes dressing clothes made of latex, seeing others with it on and having fantasies about wearing latex clothes, cat suits (full-body suits), hoods, divers (¿diving clothes ??) and industrial garments . A very common icon of latex fetishism is the dominatrix dressed in a tight latex suit or a full body PVC suit.

PVC industrial clothing

Many sex toys like dildos and butt plugs are made of rubber or similar materials, and this may be a factor that contributes to this fetishism by rubber. Some fetishists have the so-called medical fetish or have sexual interest in medical gloves, latex catheters and condoms. Other fetishes may include disposable diapers and plastic underwear.

More and more people pay special attention to this type of fetish. And it is not for less, because who can resist a woman sheathed in latex, vinyl or leather? Do not you think it’s very sexy and morbid? And for men?

One of the most common mistakes is to associate it with sadomasochistic practices or gay environments in the case of men.

We will see below the basic characteristics of each material and its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with latex; it’s such a thin and elastic material that adapts to the body very easily. We could say that it is like a second skin. And it is pleasant both for the one who is wearing it and for the one who sees it.

It is very delicate and requires a series of precautions so that it does not spoil. Latex by default never has that bright effect seen in photography or movies, but it is matte. To make it shine we can rub it with a cloth or apply a special spray that gives it that spectacular shine.

Monica Belloc de latex

You can never save the latex without cleaning after using it as it eventually breaks down. There are special soaps to wash by hand and after letting it dry you always have to apply talcum powder.

As for its price is usually always quite high but it is worth it since the result is obvious. Surely many of you will remember Monica Belloc in the second part of the Matrix with that spectacular latex dress in transparent color.

There is another modality of latex that is difficult to find in Spain but in the USA and other places it is more common.

I am referring to liquid latex (liquid latex). This can be applied directly on the skin with a brush or on top of a Lycra garment so that it can be used several times. It’s something more com I’m sorry to use that normal latex and more uncomfortable, but it’s also very morbid.

  • Let’s talk now about vinyl or also called PVC. It’s that kind of material that many people erroneously call patent leather or plastic garment.
  • It is also a very erotic material, but it does not fit as much as latex, it is not so adaptable. What it does have is that it always shines; you do not have to apply any special product for it.
  • It is delicate but not excessively. It is not necessary to clean it with a special soap or apply anything after use. If it is true that there are several types of vinyl, there are thinner and thicker ones. The finer the more bad it is and why Vinyl or before it will end up ruining and cracking.
  • As special care we must say that we cannot store different colored garments together and that it fades.
  • Finally, as for the material I can say … it is a material that is quite thick and not very adaptable but very suggestive and sensual.
  • It is not usually used much since leather garments are usually quite expensive but they are very morbid. Leather is often combined with metal to give it a harder appearance.
  • There are many types of garments of the three materials, the most common are usually: dresses, skirts, tops or shirts, pants (both male and female), gloves, stockings (the most common are latex), bodices and even masks.
  • There are specialized stores or sex shops that sell this type of materials. But if you really want to find a wide range of models.

They are garments increasingly accepted and used in sexual relationships. Have you ever tried it? Do you like this kind of clothes? What material gives you more morbid?

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