Decorating Tips to Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary for Sex

If you’ve ever suffered from a bout of insomnia, you’ve probably heard this advice: make your bedroom a restful sanctuary for sleep only. Well, sleep and sex. The experts are actually pretty clear on this one. Sleep is important, but so is sex (and research has shown that it can actually relax you and help you turn in for a better night’s sleep.) However, while there’s a lot of advice out there about how to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary for sleep, there’s virtually no insight into how to make it a great place for great sleep and great sex. We think you deserve both, so we dug up some tips into how to make your bedroom into a place that inspires your sex life.

Create Privacy

Great sex – and sleep, for that matter – require you to let go and relax into the moment. Guys, that just isn’t going to happen if all you can think about is whether your kids can hear your bed springs (or you!) squawking. If you’re invested in your sex life, you should invest in some soundproofing for your room as well as a good lock for your door. This can mean adding a door sweep to your door, reducing the number of hard surfaces in the room, getting a good, thick rug for under the bed or even adding sound-proofing panels to the wall. If you prefer to get rowdy while you’re getting it on, do what you have to do to make yourself feel comfortable enough to let loose. Bonus: A quieter room can make for better sleep when you’re done!

Maximize Comfort

Having sex in a car or airplane bathroom or elevator can be pretty hot – but it’s also hella-uncomfortable, which is probably why we tend to reserve such exploits for special occasions (and very special people!). If we’re really honest, it’s hard to get off when you have a leg cramp and your back is killing you!

If you want your bedroom to be a sexual sanctuary, set yourself up for lots of comfy, supported positions by keeping plenty of pillows handy. Better still, invest in cute, discreet sex furniture like Liberator’s Décor Arche Wedge or the adorable LoveArts Pillow. These bedroom accessories are attractive and discreet, but they can spell the difference between ho-hum and super-hot sex. (They also make a great prop for reading and relaxing.)

Consider Color

There’s a fair bit of research that points to a relationship between colors and our moods. If you want more action, according to a survey conducted by Travelodge in 2013, caramel colored walls are the way to go. According to the survey of 2,000 British couples, those with caramel colored walls in the bedroom had sex far more than other respondents, about three times per week. The color blue was found in the bedrooms of those who got the most sleep, followed closely by yellow, green and silver.

Buy the Right Sheets

Just like good sheets can make for good sleep, sexy sheets can more for, well, sex! Invest in a set of silky sheets, or any other fabric that makes you feel sexy. A fuzzy throw or other sensual items can help you get in the mood as well, particularly if you climb in naked.

Ditch (Some) Electronic Devices

If you’re still taking your iPad to bed or cozying up with Netflix at night, well, you’re probably more tired and considerably less sexed than if you banished those screens from the bedroom. Or maybe not. Actually, the results on this one are a bit mixed. While experts agree that screens in the bedroom definitely impact sleep and sleep quality, some surveys have found that couples who watch TV together in bed actually have more sex than couples who don’t. This was partly attributed to the use of erotic content. But, as the study pointed out, people also like to multitask. Then again, another older study found just opposite – that screens in the bedroom reduced how often couples have sex. So … you do you. But if you do have a TV in your bedroom, consider turning on some erotic content!

Add Sexy Touches

Our brains are impacted by what they see around us. If you’re looking for more action, set your bedroom up with a few props. You don’t have to turn it into a Red Room of Pain, but you can definitely add some sublet, sexy touches that will remind you what else you could be getting up to! Keep a blindfold under your pillow or kit out your bed with a restraint system. These little treats will be invisible to all but you … but knowing they’re ready and waiting can be a game changer!

Make Cleanup Easy

You know how in the movies people have hot, glorious sex and then roll right off each other and curl up and go to sleep? HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN? Seriously. If you’ve ever had sex, condom or not, it’s a messy business. There is … fluid … and lots of it. So, while it sure feels good to roll over and fall into a deep, post-orgasmic sleep, it’s also pretty gross … and sticky. Very sticky. The solution? Set yourself up for easy cleanup! Rather than hopping up to change the sheets, lay out a towel or, better yet, a big, ‘ol waterproof, machine washable sex blanket like Liberator’s Fastinator Throw. This blanket is beautiful, cozy and soft, comes in nine colors, and can be rolled up and tossed in the wash any time you need to. Spotless bedding = good night sleep – and great sex. You’re welcome!

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