Bedroom Fantasies: 7 Pieces of sex furniture to complement your 50 shades of gray fantasy

Realize Your Fantasies

Your sex life being stale won’t be a problem anymore. The easiest way to spice things up in the bedroom is to include sex furniture. But which direction should you look in? We’ll tell you all about it. Let’s go through our list of the best sex furniture to try, no matter your level of sexpertiese, and see how they can help you realize your fantasies.

Sex Couch/Sofa

Let’s talk about the kind of BDSM furniture that can easily fit into any room. Sex couches usually look like modern lounging sofas. Granted, you’re not doing much lounging or resting on them, but nobody has to know that. The point is, nobody will question the purpose of this furniture unless you tell them.


The reason why this type of sex furniture is great is that bed fantasies can become boring at times. But what do you do if the rest of your furniture isn’t as comfortable? You opt for a sex couch because it can help support your body in various positions. The missionary will be a thing of the past, and you’ll learn to enjoy sex in different ways.

Positioning Sex Chair


We have just the thing for you if you don’t want to give up bed fantasies after all. Some positions are difficult for women to maintain. Those include the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, or anything that requires them to be on top, really. However, there’s a solution to that, and it’s the positioning sex chair.


This sex chair is made from a metal frame and durable elastic bands that hold your body weight. Every chair has a hole between the bands that allows penetration, and using it allows you to ride your partner into the sunset with ease. This is great for ladies who have tried being on top, but their legs couldn’t handle the pressure. Now you can whip one of these babies out and surprise your partner.

Sex Machines

Sex machines will really take your sex life to another level. However, they’re a bit more obvious than sex couches. And no, you can’t pass them as personal gym equipment, even though they will make you break a sweat. You can put them on full display in your bedroom or sex dungeon if your friends and family know how to respect your privacy.


Getting a sex machine is a great investment whether you have a partner or not. In fact, these machines can help you simulate threesomes without involving a third party. Attach your favorite dildo to one of these bad boys and let a machine show you a good time. You won’t have to do anything but will achieve orgasms on demand. No other piece of furniture can do this for you, so it’s a must-have.

Sex Swings

Now, this is a piece of furniture that can make all of your sexual fantasies come true. Sex swings are the only kind of furniture that will make every position achievable. What’s the catch? They’re just so versatile! You can put them on a sex swing stand, hang them from the ceiling, or hook them on your door.


We know sex swings look like a bunch of useless straps but look closely. These straps will hold your body weight comfortably, and you’ll feel like you’re floating while having sex. Plus, you can have sex standing up without your partner having to withstand the pressure of your body weight while doing all the work. You’ll see just what we’re talking about once you try them, but you can take our word that they’re beneficial for both partners involved.

BDSM X-Cross

We’ll turn our attention to a different kind of audience now because BDSM X-crosses aren’t for the faint of heart. In fact, this piece of furniture may not be suited for BDSM beginners, but don’t let that stop you. After all, all you need is a consenting partner, boundaries, and safe words to participate in BDSM. Also, we can agree that this isn’t a piece of furniture you can put on display either.


But what kind of fun can you have with a BDSM X-cross? It’s all about bondage, teasing, all kinds of BDSM plays, and endless orgasms. This furniture type isn’t really suited for penetrative sex unless the sub is only bonded by their hands and can wrap their legs around their partner, for example. But that doesn’t take away from the fun you can have because these X-crosses are what bondage dreams are made of.

Bondage Frame Table

Let’s be realistic: not everyone can or wants to stand around bonded while someone else teases them. Tying someone down to your bed can be a good option, but what if we told you that you could do better than this? Let’s talk about bondage frame tables. These tables already look like beds because they’re just a flat surface for the sub to lay on. However, they can be much more than that.


This is another versatile piece of furniture. The table can have various moving parts. That means you can put yourself in different positions, and the table will support your weight similarly to the way a sex swing would. Even though these frame tables are made for bondage, some can give a dom all access to the sub’s genitals. Sex is more than possible in those cases, and this furniture type is another must-have — or at least a must-try.

BDSM Restraint Board

Restraint boards are great if you’re a beginner or simply want to go back to the basics. These boards are padded for more comfort unless that’s not what you want. Whatever comfort levels you desire, all boards have multiple restraint points. That means you can only bind your partner’s hands and feet or their entire body. Plus, boards are lightweight and easy to set up on any flat surface.


So, what do you get from a board like this? It’s great if you’re a fan of total restraint. Your partner can do all kinds of agreed-upon nasty things now that you can’t move an inch of your body. And in turn? Well, you get multiple orgasms if your partner allows it.

The Takeaway

You won’t make a mistake no matter which piece of furniture you choose from this list. They all offer different kinds of support, but they’ll all make your fantasies come true. So, it’s time to let your partner know how you’re planning to spice your sex lives up.

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